Feb 6, 2015

St Columba at last

I’m a long way up from the coast now, and each time I walk around to a new ravine, I wonder should I walk down only to walk up again, or shall I stay high until I find the famous bay where St Columba first brought news from Ireland of a remarkable man called Jesus […]

Jan 23, 2015

The oldest rocks on earth

Still Wednesday morning.  Still on Iona.  My angel friend had told me last night that the oldest rocks on the earth’s surface have been around for 4 billion years.  Except at the marble quarry, where they are 4.5 billion years old.  That’s because they were there when the earth was first formed, way down towards […]

Jan 16, 2015

Not St Columba’s Bay

It’s Wednesday.  The middle day of the centrepiece of my sabbatical – will it match up to my expectations? It’s now clear to me from the picture on my cottage wall that I have not walked around the entire island at all.  Iona is long and thin, and my return path from when I saw […]

Jan 9, 2015

Getting bogged down

So I’m on Iona.  It’s the middle of Tuesday afternoon, and a bird of prey has just shown a disturbing interest in me.  I must get to the top of that brow to get my bearings. But the way is steep, and each time I catch my breath I see the bird quietly watching and […]

Dec 22, 2014

A strange encounter

I awake on Tuesday morning with the sun streaming through my bedroom window.  What a welcome for my first full day in Iona!  What will the day hold?  I understand that on a clear day in October you are almost guaranteed to see the Northern lights.  Is that how God will speak to me? I […]

Nov 28, 2014

Naked and vulnerable

When life is stripped back, you come face to face with yourself. By the time I reach Iona, I will have stopped eating or drinking anything but water.